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PMP Application Form Filling Support

It is important to fill up your PMP application form diligently and get the same approved by PMI, before you can schedule your PMP examination.

PMP Application has 3 subsections as below:

  1. Your Education

  2. Your Project Experience

  3. Your Examination 

Following are the steps to be followed for the PMP application process:

  1. Fill up all 3 subsections of your PMP application form from your PMI account

  2. Submit your application to PMI

  3. PMI takes 5 business days to review and update the status of your application

  4. Once your application is approved by PMI, from the date of approval, your PMP application status remains active for 365 days

  5. Your PMP application status will change to “Eligible to pay” on your PMI account dashboard

  6. You can pay the PMP exam fee at the PMI site

  7. And then schedule your exam date and time

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