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PMP Training with 1-1 Mentoring Program

We offer 1-1 coaching and mentoring to deliver the best PMP training. In this program, in addition to our self-paced learning for PMP, we address your specific needs by including 1-1live coaching sessions. We will handhold you in every stage of your PMP preparation journey.

​High lights of how it works:

  • We share a video and corresponding reading material for each lesson with you.

  • You will watch the video and read the course content for the lesson.

  • Once you have watched the video and completed reading the content for the given lesson, we discuss 1-1 about the lesson on a live zoom session and address all your doubts

  • We share a set of questions for the lesson and ask you to solve it. We explain you about how to solve these questions and most importantly how to find out the learning gaps by doing a root cause analysis of each question.

  • Once you complete doing these lesson specific questions as in step 4, we again do a zoom session explaining all doubts and also explaining answering techniques and tips.

  • The above is repeated for each lesson of PMP course content

  • We guide you on how to fill up the PMP application

  • We provide more full length practice tests for PMP examination

  • Once you start scoring more than 70% in the tests and also are able to identify the root cause all mistakes, we will guide you to book your exam date

  • You complete your preparation and write your PMP examination

  • You pass your exam and become a PMP certified professional

  • Celebrate your success

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